Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyday Objects

Bedside Bulldog Upside Down

The Bedside Bulldog sculpture works better upside down. Otherwise it looked too much like a table. This was a piece I created after the New Music Sketch. We are doing our first public performance of the New Music Sketch at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis on Feb. 4th. Email me (patrick(at)patrickpryor(dot)com) if you want to participate in the madness as an audience member.

Urchin Pillow Spilling Out

Urchin Pillow torn open. While in New Zealand I experimented with the broken urchin exoskeleton. I used paper to simulate something spilling out of it. The Maori collect the urchins in great quantities and eat the roe. I collected and ate a lot of it while I was visiting. The insides of the urchin spilling out exaggerates the volume of material that actually comes from a single urchin. The pillow indicates preciousness. The piece is about sustenance; inside versus outside; and preciousness. I am still trying to figure out what I am trying to say, and I am quite happy to have discovered how much more impact the piece has now that I've ripped open the pillow.

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